An Interactive Video-Audio-Walk


Would you like to time travel with us? The new Video-Audio-Walk ALL THE TIME offers a window into the endless dimensions of time. You will take a journey through space and eons of history to become a fixture of a new type of audiovisual choreography. By forming a temporary international collective, you, together with young creatives from around the world, will create video and audio clips from the past, present, and future to produce a truly collaborative art piece. Over the course of 9 sessions, you will learn the fundamentals of video and audio work, writing skills, as well as fundamentals of dramaturgical work via digital workshops, lectures, and creative exercises. Furthermore, you will discuss and create with your peers to formulate  ideas and perspectives on topics we all have to face: the future of our changing environment, the future of humanity, and our place in the universe(s).

The Video-Audio-Walk ALL THE TIME will be the third edition of an international program created under the supervision of the German artistic team of HELLA LUX. We are now encouraging participants from Düsseldorf, Frankfurt a. M. (GER), and any other city from around the world to apply for this program. If the points below apply to you, then ALL THE TIME is the project for you!

  • Curious about the artistic processes.
  • Interested in collaborating with young people from around the world.
  • A desire to create videos, texts, and audio?
  • Passionate about environmental, social, and political issues and intrigued to examine them artistically.

By collaborating through online classes we will create a collective artistic work that will celebrate its premiere in Frankfurt, Germany in 2022, followed by an international tour that may come to your home town. The finished Video-Audio-Walk will teleport the audience through their smartphones into different portals that will conduct a global discourse on the past, the present, the  future, and everything in between.

Closing date for applications:

15th September 2022 – 12pm UTC

Who should participate?

The project is open to participants from Düsseldorf, Frankfurt as well as from all over the world. A specific academic background or artistic skills are not necessary. Applications can be submitted in English as individuals or as a team of max. 3 people. We want to create a digital safe space that is lively, respectful and tolerant. Therefore, we encourage everyone to apply with this spirit in mind..

The requirements

  • You must be between 18 and 29 years old.
  • You must be available to participate in workshops taking place between the 19th October to the 13th November 2022 (see dates below “Schedule for digital sessions”).
  • You must have a passion for international exchange, artistic projects and should not shy away from presenting your ideas. To facilitate communication between our international participants we ask everyone who applies to be able to express themselves in English. 
  • You need a mobile device, headphones and access to a computer with internet connection to participate in Zoom conferences.

Required application documents (all in English):

  • Your curriculum vitae (max. 2 pages).
  • A short video in which you introduce yourself, show us your passion for international exchange and describe your motivation to join ALL THE TIME (Send the file as a link to us, max. length 3 minutes).

Please send your application (or questions regarding the application process) to

Closing date for applications: 15th September 2022 – 12pm UTC

What do we offer?

  • Workshops, lectures, and artistic exercises in the fields of Audio, Video, Dramaturgy, and Creative Writing.
  • An insight into creative processes and the art world.
  • A platform for collaboration with like minded, young creatives from around the world.
  • An open space for your artistic input and perspectives.
  • After completing all sessions you will receive a certificate of participation

Schedule for the digital sessions

19th October – 10am – 12pm UTC  //  21st October – 10am – 1pm UTC  //

22nd October – 10am – 3pm UTC  // 23rd October – 10am – 3pm UTC  //

27th October – 10am – 1pm UTC  //  3rd November – 10am – 1pm UTC  //

11th November – 10am – 1pm UTC  //  12th November – 10am – 3pm UTC  //

13th November – 10am – 3pm UTC

The Project’s Mentors 

Lenja Busch (Writing / Dramaturgy) – Studied Dramaturgy in Germany and the UK, focusing on transmedial and immersive storytelling in all its forms, where the participant plays the main role.

Milena Wichert (Video) – Studied directing in Germany, worked with video to form interactive installations and short movies, focusses on aesthetical 360° experiences.

Rupert Jaud (Audio) – Studied in Germany and Switzerland, uses Audio as the canvas for AR and VR experiences, focusses on binaural hearing and innovative technology.

Guest mentors – As well as the project’s mentors, guest artists will lead specific sessions within their field of expertise.

Gefördert vom Kulturamt der Stadt Frankfurt am Main und von ASSITEJ aus Mitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien.

In Kooperation mit dem studioNAXOS.